A great video needs more than great footage and music. It needs messaging and text to communicate your brand clearly and completely. In this article, we'll teach you how to use our text editor to customize and brand your videos. 

Easy Formatting Options

We make it super easy for you to format your text so it looks exactly how you want. Simply use the formatting tool to choose text style, color, size, and font. We also have ready-made color templates that help you make a beautiful choice quickly.

Quick Text Position 

Where your text appears on your video makes a big difference. You want it to look appealing and not interfere with or disappear into the footage. With the 9 pre-set positions, you can quickly and easily place your text in a great place. But, if you want more freedom, you can simply drag to position and drop your text where you want it. 

Justify Text

Text justification is something used by professional designers to help create a well-balanced look. With this tool, we gave you just that skill in a click of a button.

More features include: 

Drag & drop text boxes
Position your text freely.

Up to 3 independent text boxes
Add more text to each slide.
Snap alignment
Align all your text boxes in the same place instantly.

Duplicate text
Copy the exact text, word for word, style, and color.

Copy/paste text between slides
Continue your message from one slide to the next.

Select All button
Highlight and make changes to all the text on the slide.

Keyboard shortcuts
Edit and create more quickly. Get the full list here.

Bold & italic font styles
More design and style freedom.

In-box text alignment
Align the text in the selected box to right, center, or left.

Background color templates
More creative freedom.

Creating beautiful captions has never been so easy and fast. Our text editor gives you freedom to design with our light, versatile features for video that look good and help you grow your business.

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