FB covers are an easy way to reach your audience on desktop and mobile.
Using Promo outros at the end of the video allows you to provide a call to action        (CTA) such as providing your website address or phone number.

Related to our " How to Add a FB article" the FB cover must have all text centered to fully fit when viewing on desktop version and certain outros will work better than others.

For your text to look the best on your cover, make sure to place it in the center of the video. As you can see in the example below using the outro " Sale", the text is placed directly in the center.

The outro " Sale" will have your text centered and looking great on your FB cover!

The outro " Website" must not include your website address to be used on a FB cover.
By using the " www.yoursite.com section the text will be cut off when viewing from a desktop.

The outro " "Follow Us" will have the same issue on the FB cover and the social icons will be cut off. You can use these outros, but should delete the text on the lower part of the video or select a different outro to use.

Our in app customer support team is here 24/7 to help with any questions that you have.

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