Your concise, targeted message is important to the success of your video. Our advanced video editor gives you access to our special caption creation options.  We want you to get the most out of your video and, in this article, we teach you how to edit your captions and make them perfect. 

To start customizing your captions, first select the slide or slides on which you would like to write captions. You can add text to all three of the slides of your video.

Enter your text, then on the top editor bar, you'll find options for position, font, size, and color. On the right bar you can position the text and even add an additional text box. We encourage you to play with all of these options. It will help you make a truly unique video.

Once you have the text exactly how you would like it, click the "Preview" button to save and view your video. While in edit mode, you can always go back and make changes as needed.

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