We want to give you the most freedom possible to create great Promo videos that get the marketing results you need. We recently added three new advanced editing tools to help you do just that. These tools include a video trimmer to create clips ranging between six to 40 seconds, extra captions, and a trimmer for uploaded music. In this article, we'll show you how to use each one. Let's get started. 

How to add more captions

To add more captions, start by clicking the "Use" button on the video from your search results. From there, you will be directed to the editor. Below the video in the editor, you will see the captions frames. 

By default, you get three frames on which to add your captions. With our new tool, you can add an extra frame for captions. To do that, simply click the plus button on the extra frame and it will give you more captions. 

Now just add and design your text to suit your message and video. To preview changes, click the "Preview" button. In the image below, you'll see the extra frame filled in with the extra captions.

You will also notice that the final frame is now on the far right side of the bar. Click that frame to add your logo and design your final frame (including adding your CTA and custom background). 

Please keep in mind that while you can add up to four caption frames to videos of any length, we highly suggest adding this extra frame to videos longer than 15 seconds only. If not, you run the risk of flooding your viewers with too much text in too short of time which will make them abandon your video almost immediately. 

How to make longer or shorter videos

To make videos longer or shorter than 15 seconds, start by searching our catalog. In the results, you'll see thousands of results. On the thumbnails for each video, you'll see a time stamp indicating the total length of each video. 

All of our footage (except for those shorter than 15 seconds) are automatically trimmed to 15 seconds. In order to select a longer or shorter section of the footage, you need to use the video trimmer. To do this, click the "Preview" button on the video from the search results that you would like to use. 

A window will open and show you the piece of footage you chose along with a video trimmer at the bottom. If the footage your chose is longer than 15 seconds, you'll see that it is automatically trimmed to 15 seconds.

To select the length you would like to use, simply drag the dark blue sliders left or right to customize the time. For example, if you would like to create a 30 second video from a piece of 36 second footage, you would drag the right slider to the right until the time counter hits hits 30 seconds.  

With the trimmer, you can also select a specific section of the clip you would like to use. So let's say you want 30 seconds of footage from the middle of the clip, you would select the time length you want using the left and right sliders, then click and hold your mouse to move the entire bar along the trimmer to find the exact part of the footage that you want to use. Preview your selection by clicking the "Play" button the far left side of the the trimmer. When you're happy with your choice, click the blue "Use" button on the far right side of the trimmer.

How to edit your uploaded music

Now that you can use videos at various time lengths, you'll need to edit your uploaded music to suit your new video's length. (Music that you use from our music library will be automatically be edited to suit the new time length you choose, so you won't need to make any changes there.) 

To edit your uploaded music, you'll need to use our music trimmer. To do that, from the editor, click the "Music" button on the right side.

From there, you want to click the "Upload" tab where you will be able to either upload a new mp3 file or choose from music you've already uploaded. Choose your song by clicking on the correct thumbnail and then click the "Edit" pencil button on the top right corner of the thumbnail. 

Now that you're in the trimmer, simply drag the sliders to choose the exact section of the music you would like to play during your video. You can also choose whether or not you would like the music to fade out or not by clicking the "Auto Fade Out" button at the bottom right side of the window. Once you have the section you like, simply click "Trim Music" at the bottom of the screen and your music selection will be automatically added to your video draft.

After you click the "Trim Music" button, you will be taken back to the "Uploads" tab of the music editor. To hear the music selection you trimmed with your video, all you have to do is click the "Preview" button at the bottom left side of the editor. 

To make any changes, just go back to the "Upload" tab, click the "Edit" pencil button, and adjust the sliders to suit the section you would like to be played in the video.

We added these editing tools to give you more freedom to create the Promo videos you need to succeed. We can't wait to see what you create. If you have any questions, feedback, or need any help, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team.

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