Do you feel your video is moving too fast or too slow for your viewers?

To adjust and make it easier for watching the video you created there are several options:

You can better utilize the captions shown with the red arrow below. The maximum amount of captions that can be used is four, but it would be suggested to limit the use of a captions for shorter length videos. Try for one caption for every 5 seconds of video used as a rule of thumb.

If you have a 12 second video for example, to use all four captions will make the video appear very fast and difficult for your viewing. Alternatively, to use two captions will make the video appear slower.  Use your text wisely :)

The other option if you would like to include four captions is to select longer video length. Using a video of 20 seconds or higher will make it easier to view all four captions. To see how long the video length is check out the print screen below, the little white numbers indicate how long in length that video clip can be extended to.

Our in app customer support team is available to help with any questions you have to create the best video you can to promote your brand/business.

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