We hate to see you go, but want to give you the easiest cancellation process as possible. Follow these short, simple steps to cancel your Promo plan. 

Step One

While logged into your Promo account, go to top right corner of the navigation bar and hover your mouse over your name.  A drop down bar will appear. Click the "Billing" button from the drop down bar. 

Step Two 

You will be taken to your plan and billing information. Under the heading "Your plan," you will see a brief explanation of your plan details and two buttons. Click the "Cancel plan" located under your plan details. Confirm the cancellation request on the pop up button. Your cancellation will come into effect in the next billing cycle. 

Please note, when you cancel your plan, any videos still unused by the end of the billing cycle will expire. You may not use them after the plan cancellation comes into effect.

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